Guiding Principles

Every company participating in the oil and gas industry’s Community Partners program agrees that its employees and contractors will adhere to the following guiding principles:

The Community Partners Guiding Principles spell out the courteous behaviours companies
and workers have agreed to. The behaviours fall into six categories.


  • Demonstrate respect and courtesy in the communities in which we operate.

  • Act responsibly as a company representative, both on and off work hours.

  • Listen to local residents and strive to understand their perspective.

  • Identify company representatives and provide contact information.


  • Slow down on dirt or gravel roads, especially near homes.

  • When possible, use best practice dust-suppression techniques near homes and high traffic areas.


  • Close gates immediately after they are opened, whether or not animals are nearby.

  • Move gates to the side rather than driving over them.

  • Report immediately any damaged or broken gates.

  • Report immediately any livestock outside fenced areas.


  • Ensure on site waste is contained and containers are emptied regularly.

  • Clean sites before moving off-lease.

  • Secure all materials in the back of trucks and on the worksite.

  • Never litter.

  • Collect drink bottles and cans for return or recycling.

  • Dispose of hazardous materials safely.

  • Treat land as if it were your own.


  • Avoid using engine retarder brakes in residential and urban areas.

  • Make a special effort to reduce noise when required.

  • Schedule noisier activities during appropriate working hours.

  • Position noisy equipment to direct noise away from residences.

  • Use noise-suppression techniques, such as mufflers, baffles or sound barriers

  • Shut off equipment when not in use.

Driving Safety + Traffic

  • Use designated traffic routes, access roads or trails.

  • Notify landowners and occupants before crossing their land.

  • Work with local communities to ensure traffic routes are maintained.

  • Slow down in residential, school and playground areas.

  • Slow down on narrow roads and pull over for oncoming traffic.

  • Obey all posted speed limits.

  • Watch for school buses and children on roads.

  • Move large or slow-moving equipment during off-peak hours.